SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ -- St. Bartholomew the Apostle Church in Scotch Plains will celebrate a month of “Respect All Life” with prayer and activities to help promote kindness and respect in our community.  A full listing of events can be found on the website at

As Father John Paladino stated to his parish: “No human being ought ever be beyond our care and concern; our mercy compassion and forgiveness. This month we proudly and passionately look to focus on how to respect “all” life in prayer and action”.

St. Bartholomew kicked off the event with a “Ribbon Prayer Wall for Peace.” Parishioners and students wrote their prayer intentions on a ribbon and affixed it to the wall.  The various colors of ribbons used represent each individual and their uniqueness.  

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The wall represents how we can come together as one with respect and kindness to create a more peaceful world. The wall will be up for all of October and can be found outside of the prayer garden at St. Bartholomew Church. It is humbling to read the many prayers for others, for peace, for hurricane victims, for families and more. St. Bartholomew welcomes the community to come and pray along with them by spending time reading the many prayers on the wall. 

If you or a group you belong to would like to join in and place a ribbon, contact Elaine at Let us come together to pray for a more peaceful world.