BERNARDSVILLE, NJ - What is the real function of the SAT and ACT as it relates to the college admission process? TAPinto talks with Eva Addae and David Blobaum, co-founders of Summit Prep, in a series of articles to further the conversation regarding this topic. 

Addae and Blobaum set up the conversation around the "cacophony of arguments about the tests" to validate the outrage in the disparity in the numbers.

"But what's happening? Why is this happening? I would argue it's happening because we are still very much separate and very much unequal. This country's educational system is grossly unequal, and extremely segregated. So therein lies the problem," said Addae.  

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We know that there is always going to be a correlation with social economic status in people generally improving and doing better on standardized test. But that doesn't account for a large amount of the variance. "We also know that the tests do what they're supposed to do, which is to test your kids on what they've learned before they go to school. --- What we have now come to is to say that the gap that's happening is because our country currently has an educational system that is unfair and unequal," said Addae. 

Click video below to view conversation in its entirety.

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