The final year of high school can be very exciting but also very stressful. Seniors have the pressure of picking a college or career path to pursue in the future. This can be a daunting task, especially if students are unsure of their interests or feel that they do not have enough information to make a decision. The senior project aims to relieve the stress of this situation.

The senior project is incredibly important because it encourages students to gain a better understanding of the careers they are interested in. In the research phase of the project,  the students interview someone in the profession they are interested in. 

Through the process, students learn more about these career paths. 

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Wendy Richards, who teaches senior honors English said, “I have had a number of students indicate that the research solidified their career choice, while other students have learned that the career they explored is definitely not for them.  Either way, the project has value.” 

Senior Kaity Purcell’s focus was on her interest in forensic science. She said, “I definitely feel it opened up a new range of options for me and my future. I learned about how varied forensics really is and how interesting of a career path it is.” 

For Purcell, the senior project heightened her interest in the career, but also created an opportunity to dive deeper into the different pathways available for those who study forensic science. This more specific information could be really useful as she pursues this career path. 

Although students learn about many positive aspects of the career they are researching through this project, they discover the negative aspects as well. They may even find themselves learning about aspects of the career they were unfamiliar with. 

Senior Natalia Ayus, whose project was about the career of an art director, felt that the project was very beneficial and informative. She said, “I learned about the hardships of this job field and what exactly is needed to have this job.” 

Despite being on remote learning, students were still able to pursue the project. But the presentation were a little different this year.

Lindsey Gismonde, an honors and AP English teacher said, “Instead of presenting to a large group, we are Zoom meeting individually.  I am having my students share their screen with their presentation and talk over it.” 

This is very different from the usual presentation, which would be done in front of the entire class.  

Senior Meaghan Buckley, an AP English student who researched careers in architecture, said the  remote learning atmosphere had an impact on the progress of her project. “The hardest part is finding information with all the social distancing. The interview portion would be a lot easier if you could actually talk to someone in person,” she said. 

Despite the adaptations to the project as a result of COVID-19 shutdowns, seniors were still able to complete the senior project. Doing this research before heading off to college, even remotely, sets seniors on the path to their future careers.