MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ – The Mountainside Spring Cleaning Sale and Swap Meet will take place on Saturday, April 29, from 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. on the grounds of the Deacon Andrew Hetfield House at Constitution Plaza in Mountainside. In the event of rain, the sale will take place, next door, in the Mountainside Fire House garage.

While the Sale and Swap meet takes place, the Mountainside Historic Committee will conduct their infamous Chicken Plop Bingo where anyone can take a chance at winning – if the chicken “selects” your number on the grid, you win. All are invited to come witness our local chicken as she roams the number grid. Wherever she deposits her mark is the winning number. There will be several games of Chicken Plop Bingo taking place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the April 29 event.

The Deacon Andrew Hetfield House and Levi Cory House are at Constitution Plaza, adjacent to the Mountainside Library. Constitution Plaza is the first right off Birch Hill Road, which is off New Providence Road, near the Mountainside Volunteer Fire House. The Mountainside Restoration Committee is a committee of volunteers governed by the Borough of Mountainside whose purpose is to restore and maintain the Deacon Andrew Hetfield House and the Levi Cory House and collect and save historic information and items from destruction. For information or to donate funds, please call (908)789-9420; or, go to: