SPRINGFIELD, NJ – At the Board of Adjustment meeting on October 18, a representative of Tesla came before the Board of Adjustment to request a use variance and some minor bulk variances.  All were granted. 

Tesla Motors, Inc purchased the old AAA headquarters at 135 Route 22 East in Springfield.  Their plan includes moving their headquarters from Commerce St. in Springfield and to fully renovate the AAA building without any structural changes.

Current law requires five acres for an auto dealership.  The AAA site is two and half acres.  So, the main variance provides relief from the five acre minimum.  It only applies to Tesla.  If another auto dealer buys the lot, the five acre minimum would apply to it.

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Tesla’s business model is different from other auto companies.  It maintains very little inventory and there will be only two to three cars in the showroom.  Currently, it offers just two models and its each car is custom to order in California.

The new space will include two charging stations that work only on Tesla vehicles.  All maintenance work on a Tesla is electrical and computer oriented.  There is no engine.

The new site is expected to have about 25 potential customer visits a day as well as up to one car delivery a day.  The dealership expects to employ about 25 people for sales and service.

During public comments only one person came to the mike.  Paul Gaglioti of Pop Realty stated, “The tenant will be an asset.”