New Providence Recreation and TryCAN will also be hosting a training class for teens (ages 13+) interested in becoming a volunteer Peer Mentor for youth with special needs at recreation classes and events.  Attendees will learn more about youth with certain developmental and/or physical needs and how to work with and help these youth participate in recreation programs.  After the training, volunteers will be able to mentor in any of our special needs programs offered in the area, depending on the need for mentors.  Mentors receive credit for community service hours as well as valuable leadership skills, while giving back to the community. The training will be held Monday, December 4, from 4:00-6:00 pm. A $10 registration fee is required for the training. 

The training will be held at the New Providence Memorial Library.  Register online at  Please call 908-464-4430 if you have questions about the training. 

The TryCAN special needs collaboration of communities offers an array of programs for youth with unique needs or those who need certain accommodation. These popular and affordable programs, open to children from any town, help youth develop skills that allow them to pursue a sport or activity further or simply provide them with a meaningful recreation experience, using teen peer mentors from local middle and high schools to help participants learn and have fun. Contact for information about upcoming programs.