BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Freshman Olga Brahznikova is a member of the Highlander Marching Band, as well as other academic clubs such as SAGA, Model UN, and Art Club. She enjoys making all kinds of art, and playing the flute. She strives to do her best in everything she tries, and she loves hanging out with her friends in her free time. She always tries to add humor to every situation. 

Q. What is your favorite sport?

A: My all-time favorite sport must be quidditch. 

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Q: Do you have any pets?

A: Yes, I have a cat.

Q: What is your favorite memory?

A: The summer of 2017. 

Q: What is your most overused phrase?

A: According to my friends, some of my overused phrases include but are not limited to, “dude idk”, “well that’s annoying”, and many more. 

Q: Who is your role model?

A: I would have to say that mine is Josef Ellis (Governor Livingston High School music teacher) and Marie Ulven Rignheim (known as the musician ‘Girl in Red’). 

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Anything from Trader Joe’s.

Q: What’s your favorite part about GL?

A: My favorite part about GL is my friends.

Q: What is your favorite class?

A: I like all my classes, but my current favorite is probably Spanish or history. They’re fun. 

Q: What’s a goal that you have set for yourself?

A: To be open to anything.

Q: What is your dream vacation?

A: The Philippines. 

Q: What is your least favorite color?

A: Red. 

Q: Which did you like the best: elementary, middle, or high school?

A: High school is better.

Q: What do you do when you’re bored?

A: Learn a new skill.

Q: What’s your favorite store to shop at?

A: Amazon.

Q: What’s your favorite movie?

A: “Tangled”.

Q: What’s your favorite song?

A: “Hot Rod” by Dayglow.

Q: What’s your favorite season?

A: Fall.

Q: Do you have any siblings?

A: Yeah, a younger sister.

Q: What is your favorite dessert?

A: Cake.

Q: If you could be granted three wishes, what would one of them be?

A: More wishes.