Everywhere I look, life has been turned upside down...and there’s really no end in sight (yet).  You know what they say, “When life gives you lemons...”.  Well, I’m not a big fan of lemons, but the saying does seem to fit.  Translation here of course is more like “when life gives you unexpected time at home with loved ones, make the most of every new-found minute”. 

For me, this is the silver lining in the middle of this whole pandemic.   I could have never imagined life slowing down this much. Of course, I miss seeing more of my family and friends, who doesn’t?  But I have to admit that I find myself so unbelievably fortunate to be sequestered with the person I love most in this world, my 15 year old son.  And at a time when his departure for college is only a short 3 years off.  This time with him, spent 24 x 7, has been as precious as it has been unexpected.  

The best part, however, is what we’ve been able to accomplish together.  Sure, there were things on our “to do” list that we just had never had time to get to. Those things got done, but that was just the start. Since March, we’ve set out on a journey of experimentation limited only by our imaginations.  So far, we’ve exceeded every expectation I’ve had or could have wished for. 

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During these past months we’ve managed to take on projects which we had never dreamed we could complete ourselves. We’ve built gardening beds, a mobile planting table and a structure to keep leaves out of our fishpond, not to mention a complete workshop in one bay of our garage. Our most recent project is called the Ultimate Workstation. It’s a huge work table with drawers, shelves and compartments for tools and building materials.  It even has a space for a dog bed, so our pups can be part of the action. All on wheels, ready to move anywhere we might need it for whatever we choose to tackle next. 

One look at my son’s birthday wish list is all it would take to see the dramatic change, as this year, it included: a table saw, miter saw, safety glasses and his own drill.  This may not sound like a big deal, for those who have been handy their whole lives.  But for us, these projects have not only served as valuable, hands-on life’s lessons, they’ve also brought my son and I even closer together. Which, in the end, is the REAL “silver lining”. 

Now this doesn’t mean we’re not also looking forward to the day we can leave COVID behind us.  It has undoubtedly changed us all. At least now, though, we can look back and say, in some small way,  it also changed us for the better!