Some New Jersey legislators want to mandate a pharmaceutical product with a poor efficacy rate for all NJ students.  This mandate will require all students from preschool through graduate school, whether in person or remote, to receive an annual flu shot. (A4576*was introduced to the Assembly on August 25th.) This is an illogical and unreasonable proposal.  The flu shot is available everywhere and is heavily promoted.  Anyone who wants a shot should and can easily receive it.  But it should not be forced.  The flu shot is not a magic pill - there is no guarantee that receiving the shot will prevent an individual from developing or spreading the flu – and like all drugs, it is not risk-free.  I think it is logical that the recipients of a drug should be the ones to decide if the benefits outweigh the risks since the recipients, not the politicians in Trenton, will live with the effects. We have lost so much during this covid 19 crisis – lives, jobs, critical physical interaction with friends, co-workers, and extended family, etc. – let us not also lose our ability to make informed medical decisions for our families. Forced flu shots for students is a terrible idea.