As you pack away summer dresses and tank tops until next year, you may begin longing for an aesthetic update. It’s common to want to try new looks at the start of each season. Whether you choose a new hairstyle or get a facial, even seemingly small changes can give you a confidence boost. The following guide offers just a few easy options to consider.

How to Transform Your Look for Fall

1. Facial

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Drastically smoother, more even skin can make you feel rejuvenated. Whether you struggle with acne, oiliness, or fine lines, you can select from a range of facials designed to tackle various conditions, from cell regenerating treatments to ones that dig deep into the pores. Moreover, since the cold fall and winter weather leaves you prone to dry skin, now is the ideal time to invest.

2. Hair Color

Nothing says ‘new you’ like a fresh hairstyle. While many people feel the urge to dye their locks darker this time of year, the possibilities are virtually endless. This season, shades like jet black and creamy blonde are particularly en vogue. If you don’t want to take the plunge to all-over color, consider highlights or lowlights. 

3. Hair Glaze

If you dream of having an ultra glossy shine like you see in the commercials, then try a hair glaze. While the drier climate in fall and winter zaps hair of natural oils, leaving it looking lifeless, this unique treatment adds a stunning luster to your locks. The formula can also contain a small amount of pigment to enhance your hair color. Afterward, it’ll be hard to resist running your fingers through your strands.

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