Spa days have unnecessarily been labelled as a “girls only” activity for years. But recently, more men have broken past the stereotype and embrace being pampered. Everyone deserves to treat themselves, and men are no exception! Here are some of the many spa services that are perfectly suited for men.

Top 5 Spa Services for Men

1. Relax With a Massage

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Whether you work in construction or an office, your body is put under a lot of strain. Massage therapy can soothe muscle pain and joint stiffness caused by day-to-day life, grueling workouts, arthritis, or a restless night. Schedule a sports massage to recover from injuries faster, or work out the kinks in your back with a deep tissue massage. Massage can also be used if you’re under a lot of emotional pressure—just 15 minutes can help relieve depression and anxiety.

2. Get a Facial

Facials will make your skin softer—but that’s not all they do. Spas offer different types of facials to address specific problems, such as dry skin, acne, rosacea, inflammation, and aging. You’ll have a smoother, cleaner face after a facial spa service.

3. Reduce Graying

Not everybody is happy to pull off graying hair, so those who wish to cover it up can turn to color treatments. A professional hairdresser can camouflage white and gray to seamlessly match the original color of your locks.

4. Combat Hair Loss

As you age, your hair can thin, and the process starts in the early twenties for some men. Many spas have specialized treatments to fight hair loss. These appointments include an evaluation and scalp exfoliation to stimulate the follicle sites.

5. Receive a Manicure

If you don’t take care of your nails, they’ll break and chip easily. During a manicure, a technician will moisturize your hands and nail beds, buff and trim your nails, and then add a nourishing and protecting clear coat, if you want one.

Take a day to treat yourself with a trip to Skin Deep Salon and Spa. This spa in New Providence, NJ, is known for using advanced therapeutic methods for a variety of hair, skin, body, and nail issues. No matter what spa services you need, you’ll feel rejuvenated like never before. Schedule your appointment through their online booking system, or call (908) 508-1800.