SUSAN BARBAGLIA, owner of Skin Deep Salon and Spa in New Providence, offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a leader in the beauty industry. With over thirty years experience in skin care, Susan can answer your most challenging beauty questions. Email your questions to




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What are the benefits of facials, massages and pedicures for men?

Making the effort to be pamper and groom regularly as a male is an uncommon, but notable form of self care to promote health and wellness. Facials, massages, pedicures, and other salon and spa services are sometimes interpreted as a non-essential luxury when they are just as vital as a regular haircut. Once man realizes that Skin Deep Salon and Spa is also place for them to feel welcome and relaxed, we see them as often as we see our women regulars.

A facial is a series of cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, and applying face masks pertaining to your skin’s type and needs. The benefits of this, especially for men, are to get to know your skin’s unique needs, promote bright, clean and healthy skin, smoothen skin for cleaner shaves, and to ultimately have an experience of total relaxation. Having a professional properly extract dirt from your skin is what separates an effective cleansing from picking at blemishes in the mirror yourself and further worsening the skin. Let the professionals ensure long-lasting results of beautiful skin and confidence!

Massages are a no-brainer. Men appreciate de-stressing with a massage on a regular basis because there isn’t a stigma around it being for women only. Massages are especially beneficial for athletic men who want to prevent injuries, reduce existing pain, and to encourage injuries to properly heal. When men are stressed, they are more likely to keep it in, as opposed to women who are more likely to talk about them. Booking a massage regularly is a great way to ensure that those stresses are being released.

Pedicures a service men can be apprehensive about because they tend to feel embarrassed showing their feet. The more care a man gives to his feet, the more comfortable he will feel. Ignoring common foot conditions may cause pain and discomfort over time, and using our clinical products during a Footlogix pediceutical pedicure will completely transform the skin on your feet. This process includes exfoliation, nail care, skin care, rejuvenation, a massage, and beautification. At Skin Deep Salon and Spa, we have a private pedicure room for men only to ensure their comfort.

Combating hair loss with scalp exfoliating treatments and conditioning to promote natural hair growth is another service highly beneficial to men. Hair loss may seem like it’s irreversible, but it can easily be treated.

The idea of spa services being a woman-exclusive experience are finally being debunked, and men are now making up about 47% of regular spa-goers, according to a study by the International Spa Association in 2018. This Father’s Day, gift the men in your life a service with Skin Deep Salon and Spa. We recommend the following: HydraFacial™ MD Deluxe, The Nineteenth Hole Golfer’s Massage, “Out of Office” Massage, Men’s Private-Room Pediceutical Pedicure, and Skin Deep’s Signature Exfoliating Scalp Treatment.