BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ — It will soon be possible to see the Township Council, Planning and Zoning board meetings, as well as township events, on a TV in your own home, not just on a computer or by being there in person.

The council and Board of Education (BOE) have each approved a shared-services agreement that will allow more structured programming. In reality, the agreement means viewers can turn in to BH- GLTV at specific times of day and see various township meetings and events from the comfort of their favorite chairs. BH GLTV can be seen on Channel 34 of the Comcast Network and Channel 47 of the Verizon Fios Network. It can also be seen on YouTube.

Councilman Alvaro Medeiros offered his thanks to Council President Jeanne Kingsley and Communications Committee Member Pam Yoss for their help in seeing the shared-services agreement to the finish line. “This is something we have been working on for quite a while. This is an agreement that will allow GL to program the TV,” he said. Before this agreement, the programming ran “in a loop” and it was difficult to find a specific program, he said. “The seniors had asked for this as a way to get information,” and it will be a real advantage for seniors, "who will be able to watch at a time convenient to them,” he said.

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Kingsley said the “beautiful thing” about the agreement, which took a lot of work to put together, “is there will be set hours in a day when township programming” such as council and planning board meetings and “Happening in the Heights,” will be broadcast. She also announced that the station’s name has been renamed “to BH GLTV.” 

Members of the council unanimously approved the resolution memorializing the agreement at the March 16 meeting. The BOE approved the shared-services agreement at its March 18 meeting. The agreement will run for five years and the township will pay $125 a month to the Board of Education to cover the BOE’s labor costs. The payments will be made semi-annually.

The township programming will run at 10 a.m., for three hours and at 2 and 6 p.m. for one hour. In the event of a conflict with a live event, adjustments will be made in advance and announced. There will be two schedules of programs, schedule A and schedule B, which will run on alternate days. At this point, specific program schedules have not been set.

Board of Education President Doug Reinstein said this agreement “allow seniors, whose primary means of getting information is from TV, to get more programming during specified times.”