In late 2016, the Miller-Cory House Museum, 614 Mountain Avenue in Westfield, received a surprising telephone call. Mr. Hal Struck and Ms. Sharon Sullivan, brother and sister from California, wished to arrange a tour during their visit to the east coast. Mr. Struck and Ms. Sullivan had discovered a very special connection to the museum through extensive research on their family tree. Samuel Miller and Sabra Clark, who built a farmhouse in 1740 which is now the Miller-Cory House Museum, were their 6th great grandparents!

Mr. Struck and Ms. Sullivan visited their ancestral home in 2017; their bond with the museum resulted in very generous donations from the Harold Struck Charitable Fund, which has supported a major project, the renovation of the colonial kitchen garden. The newly completed garden, with its bigger size, new picket fencing, and raised beds, has the authentic look of the 18th century, and will enhance the museum’s educational programs.

On June 15, the new garden was officially dedicated. During the ceremony, numerous speakers emphasized the value of the museum, and its critical role in educating young generations, now and in the future, about our early American history.  Guests enjoyed music provided by members of the Florian Schantz Jazz Band, open-hearth cooking demonstrations, museum tours and, of course, a visit to the colonial kitchen garden.

The dedication ceremony provided a special thank you to Mr. Struck, Ms. Sullivan and all of the volunteers of the Miller-Cory House Museum entrusted with its care and preservation.