Being a teenager also means a lot of hormones, stress and anxiety which can cause clogged pores, breakouts, and acne. Starting facials at a young age prevents these breakouts and is a great foundation for having younger, radiant skin in the future. Although teens are only concerned with how their face currently appears, the true benefit in using a skin care regimen routinely is to prevent future skin cancer and premature aging. 

Most teenagers experience clogged pores, breakouts, and acne because adolescent skin generally produces more oil than mature skin from changes in hormones. Because of this, it’s important for skincare to become a healthy habit earlier on, including routinely getting facials. Your face is exposed to more dirt and pollutants than anywhere else on your body, so taking care of your face is a priority. 

Drugstore skin care products only really help clogged pores, whereas a professional esthetician properly prepares and softens the skin before extracting in a safe and effective way. The drugstore products tend to dry out the skin and do not have the same effect that professional salon or spa products have because of the lack of proper ingredients, which is why visiting an esthetician regularly is beneficial. The quality of  Skin Deep’s products are usually better than that of over-the-counter. Our estheticians analyze the skin and personally pick the appropriate products your teen’s skin’s needs. Specific products using sulfur, benzoyl, glycolics and retinol may prove to be more beneficial for acne prone skin. These specific products will kill bacteria and speed up cell reproduction, which is necessary to cure and calm down acne skin. 

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Skin Deep Salon & Spa’s teen acne facials give teenagers a customized treatment to address all of their specific issues and includes cleansing, exfoliation, masks, and hydration. Best of all, it promotes healthy skin while introducing appropriate regime to enhance and extend the results achieved during their facial treatment. What is used everyday on your skin is extremely important because of how quickly it impacts and changes the skin. Depending on the severity of the teen’s skin, a facial every two weeks for those with acne will suffice, and once a month for maintaining healthy, clear skin. 

For the 2019 back to school season, Skin Deep Salon & Spa, located at 1330 Springfield Avenue in New Providence, N.J., is offering a bundle of our teen acne facial, a haircut, and a blowout for $98 (regularly $125). Open seven days a week, we invite you to help your teen combat their problem skin and freshen up for a brand new school year. Call 908-508-1800 to book your appointment.