WESTFIELD, NJ – Clean water is typically a given in New Jersey.

But in developing countries, such is often not the case, something Westfield Police Officer Tiffany Kenny is hoping to help change as she travels to El Salvador in February with the Garwood-based group of Liquid Church to help bring clean water to the country.

“This will be the first time that Liquid has gone to El Salvador during an approximately week-long trip,” Kenny said on Friday. “We will attempt to drill wells for water in the community.”

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A Westfield native and Chatham resident, Kenny has been with the Westfield Police for nearly four years.

Liquid Church seeks to provide safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

About 800 million people still don’t have access to clean, safe, drinking water, according to Liquid. Worldwide, dirty water causes 80 percent of illnesses and disease and kills more people each year than all forms of violence, including war, according to the church.

To help fund the service trip through the non-denominational church, Kenny is seeking donors to pay for her airfare and basics needs while traveling abroad.

Additional monies raised will go directly to Liquid’s partners in El Salvador, she said.

“I’ve been part of this [Westfield] community for a long time and hope that people support the cause and are able to donate and contribute to help in getting me over there,” Kenny said.

The public may donate to Kenny’s campaign online via her fundraising page on Liquid Church's website.