The adjustment from being a middle schooler to high schooler can be difficult and stressful. However, students in GL who have already been through the process have learned tips and tricks that can help a freshman have an easier experience. 

 Once beginning  high school, students are given more responsibilities. Unlike in middle school, it is up to the students to find their way and figure out how to cope with their new found independence. Junior Hayden Sobel says, “Don’t stress over every little grade.” It is important for freshmen to try to do the best they can academically, but also to make sure not to freak out over the occasional bad grade. There is help available if needed through the National Honors Society which always around in the morning and at lunch.

One of the most important things to remember is to get the work done. Junior Erin Dindial encourages, “Don’t procrastinate. You may find yourself pushing a certain assignment off for later. Just get it done.” Once something is done, students can relax and not stress about what they have to do. 

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Getting work done also gives students more time for other activities, clubs and sports that the school has to offer. Freshmen should make sure to get involved in anything they can. Whether it be arts, sciences, languages, theater or other extracurriculars they may desire to take part in, being a part of something is an important part of the school experience. Getting involved in extracurricular activities not only helps students meet people, but also adds positively to college applications. Find something interesting and join. 

Since both Berkeley Heights and Mountainside come to GL, it can be intimidating in the beginning as many will be put in classes with unfamiliar kids. Eventually everyone will get to know each other and many will even end up becoming friends. Thus, it’s important to not worry. 

Enjoy the year, get involved, make friends. Embrace the short amount of time that is high school and make the most of it.