“Be positive, just fish” is the motto of Zuggyfishing, a fishing brand and multimedia company founded and run by Gov. Livingston junior Ryan Diskin. This motto does not only apply to the patience one must have when on the water. It also has great relevance to Diskin’s life, as he has overcome a life threatening condition and is now pursuing what he loves.

Through Diskin’s hardships he has remained upbeat, allowing the negatives to positively influence him. Diskin hopes to keep his own optimism and enthusiasm for life alive in his brand. “I created Zuggyfishing and this motto because of my past.” 

At the young age of three, Diskin was diagnosed with a tumor between the orbit, the bony structure that includes the eye and surrounding nerves, muscles, and tissue, and his brain. Diskin was in and out of the hospital for six years until he was in fourth grade. At that time, the doctors told his family he would succumb to the tumor. 

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However, he underwent an operation with the possibility of improving his condition. It was successful, and although Diskin still suffers from the tumor today, he does not endure intense pain. 

At the same time of this surgery, Hurricane Sandy destroyed his family’s car and home. The entirety of Mountainside helped the Diskin family clean up their home. The outpouring of community support immensely impacted Diskin’s life. 

“Through my business I tell people that staying positive and never giving up is the reason why I am alive today and why they can achieve any of their goals if they put their mind to it and stay positive.” 

Diskin is the CEO of Zuggyfishing, which releases fishing content in a myriad of ways, especially through social media. Diskin said, “Social media has been the driving factor of my business.” 

Zuggyfishing is thriving through its social media accounts and merchandise collection. He has over 3,000 YouTube subscribers and over 40,000 Tik Tok followers.

His company currently has a YouTube channel and Instagram and TikTok account. Much of his content is sharing fishing tips, best practices, and live streams with other anglers. He often travels to Florida to produce more content: bass fishing vlogs, spotting prehistoric fish, and fishing through the Everglades. He also hosts a podcast called “The Southern Lure Podcast” with fellow content creator, FishinGriffin, on which they host new guests weekly. 

“I post awesome fishing content on all of these platforms and take my viewers and fans on all of my fishing journeys,” said Diskin. 

Some of his most popular Tik Tok’s are in collaboration with the company, Googan Squad Baits, specializing in fish bait and tackle. 

In line with Diskin’s beliefs, he has a positive outlook on the future of expanding his business. “My goals of the future for my business is to keep putting out awesome fishing content and bringing a positive mindset to the people. I want to spread as much positivity and show how great life is and that truly anything is possible.”

Diskin will continue to reach more and more fish lovers through his company and hopefully extend some of his positivity along the way.