This summer, Brockhampton, a rap group from San Marcos, Texas, released its fifth studio album, GINGER. The album strays from the group’s usual aesthetic, which is saturation, bright colors, and white backgrounds, to more personal and melancholy. It has more of an R&B and pop feel to it, which separates it from its SATURATION set and iridescence album. 

GINGER is definitely a popular Brockhampton album due to these differences. Fans, such as junior, Sophia Hatami, think the band “is experimenting with a new style and sound, but it is not better than their SATURATION albums.” The entire album feels slower and stripped down, which gives it a more relaxed listening experience. Not to mention, the topics of the songs help the listeners get closer with the group. Many songs focus on failed relationships, flaws, mental health, and religion. The most upbeat song off the album, “ST. PERCY,” discusses past romantic experiences and money. The public’s personal favorite seems to be “SUGAR,” which features Ryan Beattie. This song has a pop feel to it and centers around romance. Another favorite is “NO HALO,” which is more slow, but delves into problems many group members face, which bolsters the album’s personal vibe. The last song, “VICTOR ROBERTS,” is the life story of Dom McLennon’s lifelong friend. It discusses the issues he faced growing up, including drug usage, constant police interventions, and bad parents. Songs like these are what make Brockhampton unique, yet so popular. The intimate feel of these songs draw listeners in, but the hip-hop beats and intense vocals leave them wanting to listen more.  

Their listeners also seem to agree that this is an amazing album because GINGER reached number three on Billboard’s top 200 chart. Not to mention, the songs on this album are doing extremely well. The band performed “SUGAR” on Ellen and they have made many other television appearances since debuting this album. They also announced a tour, which exceeded expectations, so they announced more shows. Overall, GINGER was a step in a new direction for Brockhampton, but the artistic risk paid off, as the group gained more listeners and popularity. However, whether they have lost the interest of their longtime fans or not has been in question since the new album arrived.