Since the installment of Disney’s new streaming platform, Disney+, new movies and shows have been released. One of it’s latest creations, High School Musical The Musical: The Series, proves itself as an entertaining show for those who are curious about what the Wildcats are up to now. The show began streaming in early November and recently aired its final episode of the season. It was renewed for a second season that is set to be released in late 2020. 

The hook is different from past High School Musical movies, as it does not take place in the same timeline of the films. The show is based on the students who attend the school where the original films took place. The series has new characters and follows them as they put on a production of High School Musical. 

GL Sophomore Erin Hilongos shared, “I thought it was good but it did not have much to do with the movies, but I really liked the original songs.” 

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Along with the characters performing the classics everyone knows, there is also a collection of new songs for fans to fall in love with. It was able to give the feel of its predecessor without feeling like a complete remake. 

Junior Lauren Choptij shared, “I think the movies are still better because they are the original but the show did a good job of representing them.” 

The series has the feel of the original while managing to tie in elements of the movies by including a few surprise cameos from actors who starred in them. 

The show’s main goal was to create a new story of kids who happen to take place in the same school.

For those who have Disney+ and are fans of the High School Musical film, this show is definitely worth watching. It is a fun, light hearted show that gives the feel of the movie while taking its own liberties and making its own unique story. The pairing of the new music and fresh faces of characters draws in viewers and creates an insanely entertaining, addictive and bingeable show.