While walking through the hallways of Governor Livingston, some might just be lucky enough to hear the sound of a harmonica, flute, or guitar coming from Room 6. However, Room 6 is not the music room, but the classroom of French teacher Mr. David Peck, one of the most upbeat teachers at school, and one who never fails to make his students laugh.

Although Peck began working at GL 19 years ago, he was not always a teacher. He served in the army for four years and is happy to share some of his experiences with his French students. 

After serving in the military and working for Citibank, Peck decided to venture into teaching, as he made it a priority to spend more time with his family. “Having the same hours off as them could guarantee that he should.” Though his family was a factor, of course, his passion for the French language and culture was the true motivation that drove him to become a teacher. 

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Peck had the opportunity to live in France, which inspired him to learn as much as possible surrounding the language and culture. He recounts many stories of his time there, reminding his students that “there is always more to learn, and understanding the culture connects strongly to the French language”. 

Though golf is another of his main hobbies, music is something that he is able to bring to the classroom. In Room 6 you can find Mr. Peck’s beloved flute, harmonica, and occasionally his guitar. Class may begin with a quick song on the harmonica or the flute, as Peck’s playing allows the students to have a minute of meditation. Birthdays do not go unnoticed either, as his harmonica acts as the background music of a class rendition of Happy Birthday. Plus, if students arrive at school early, they might be lucky enough to catch his morning flute solo. 

Peck is quite famous among students, which is why everyone grows sad when he talks of retiring one day. Despite this, Peck is in no rush to leave GL. “Though I have been here for so long, sometimes it feels like I just started teaching here. It goes by fast and each year is a different experience”. Once he does retire, his students might find him lounging in the sand in Long Beach Island or even in southern France. 

Peck will definitely be missed by his students and fellow staff members, so be sure to stop by Room 6 or try to catch him in the morning to hear a musical performance or just listen to his once in a lifetime stories while he’s still at GL to share.