BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - As COVID-19 became more and more of a threat, families were forced to cancel their spring break plans. Many families did not feel safe going to airports that could have been infected or and boarding planes to a place that possibly could be put into quarantine, resulting in them getting trapped there.

Due to the “stay home” orders Governor Phil Murphy placed on the residents of New Jersey, people are not allowed to travel great distances unless they are essential employees. In addition, many other state have similar orders which limit travel in and around those states.

However, if the order were lifted, many people would still choose to stay local and be safe. 

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Jess Lejuez, a sophomore, said she would stay home. “Trips to the supermarket are just sufficient enough.”

With plans to travel to Germany by herself, Meg Smith, a sophomore, cancelled her trip ahead of the break. Her family decided to cancel the trip due to the effect of the virus in Germany and the risk she would be taking by going. 

Smith said, “My parents felt especially nervous sending me to an infected country by myself.”

Sisters Alyson Hagen, senior, and Sarah Hagen, junior, were planning to  visit several colleges during the time off. They were forced to cancel their plans after all the campuses shut down and went to remote learning.

Alyson Hagan said, “Unfortunately due to Coronavirus the schools canceled all of their tours and the Airbnbs that we were renting started to cancel as well. We had nowhere to go and no place to stay so we decided we would stay home instead”. 

Trevor Sommese, a student at Columbia Middle School, said that he mostly would be avoiding travel due to the airports. Originally planning on flying to Florida over the week-long vacation, he believes there would be too much risk in going into a crowded airport. He said, “I would not want to go into an airport right now unless I had to”. 

Others share Sommese’s concern. Jake Barbieri, a sophomore, who was going to visit Utah this spring break, said, “A plane is probably not the place you want to be right now”. He said there are many people in one crowded area, which people are being told to avoid. 

Everyone should take the governor’s warning to stay home and avoid travel. By staying home and only going out for supplies, hopefully the world will be able to slow the spread of COVID-19 and defeat it to be able to return to everyday life.