When the weather gets colder and most people head in doors, others find fun winter activities to keep them busy. In the Northeast, there are plenty of fun things to do specific to the season. Along with all of the outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating, there are always things to do inside with friends and family to avoid the cold. 

Many students visit mountains in nearby states to go skiing. The harder hills often contain moguls, steeper slopes, and icier trails, which contribute to the thrill of the slope. Sophomore Tyler Prado has been skiing since he was two. “I enjoy going down double black diamonds, especially in Vermont,” he explained. 

On the other hand, bunny hills are easier to move down, and are great for beginners or for a more relaxed trip. As snow accumulates on the slopes, many rush to the mountains, whether they are pros or just looking for a fun winter day experience.

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Another option is to put on skates and hit the ice. Arden McDonald, a freshman, said, “Ice skating is fun to learn and is a great opportunity to hang out with friends.” She and other students usually go to Union Sports Arena on Route 22 to skate. People can rent ice skates there, or they can bring their own. This is another sport that is enjoyable regardless of skill level and is a great way to embrace the cold. 

A good way to make money when stuck at home during a snowstorm is shoveling neighbors’ driveways. Junior Jonathan Henriques makes about $65 per driveway and recommends it for anyone who needs the extra money. This demands a bit of hard labor, but is a worthwhile job. 

When stuck inside on a snowy day, many students make the best of it by relaxing. Ryan Matthews, a junior, said, “I make hot chocolate and pancakes then watch TV all day.” Days like those are great for unwinding and spending time alone. 

But just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean you can’t venture outside for sports. Connor Tracy, a sophomore, said, “Even when it is cold out, my friends and I play basketball.” Running around and shooting hoops definitely warms them up during frigid weather.

Winter isn’t just about curling up in front of a fire. It may be cold, but there are plenty of other things to do.