The art of self expression takes many forms. Seeing people changing their hair color often has been increasingly common in the last few years, making it more acceptable to have fun and take risks with exciting new colors. 

The hair color game has changed. What used to be seen as nonconformist behavior,  dyeing your hair more bright and vibrant colors has become more socially acceptable.

Many students at Governor Livingston have given in to the craze and have no fear when it comes to making daring changes to their hair. 

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Rachel Erdreich, a senior who has opted for different hair colors over time, can say with pride that she loves experimenting with hair dyeing. 

“I first started dyeing my hair in freshman year,” she said. “I just felt like doing it and thought it would be fun - I don’t regret it one bit.” Erdreich has followed up her initial decision to dye her hair with a rainbow of other colors including purple, blue, and red. 

When coloring their hair, high school students will typically choose a color that they personally feel represents them and makes them feel confident. 

Angela DeBella, sophomore, who is proud of her own colored hair, reflected on the huge difference that hair dye can really make. 

After sharing that she first dyed her hair around the beginning of the school year, DeBella expressed how thankful she is that she decided to finally make a change. DeBella’s reddish-purple hair brought her more compliments, fun, and she gained more confidence. 

“I just wanted something new. I was bored with my old hair and now I’m so happy,” she said. 

For those who are still reluctant to give into their colorful desires, there is still time to make the life-changing decision to dye your hair. 

DeBella encouraged others, saying, “Just go for it. What’s the worst that can happen?” 

If the color doesn’t turn out how you like, there are still options.

Erdreich also said, “It’s just hair. It grows back. If you don’t like it you can either wash it out or re-dye it. I recommend it.” 

While students were isolated at home during the pandemic, many started experimenting with new hair colors as a way to pass the time.

Sydney Ryan, junior, was one such student who took advantage of this pandemic in order to try out new styles. She said, “I bleached parts of my hair and gave myself highlights. I love how it looks and I’m so excited for people to see when we come back to school!” 

Whether your whole head is dyed neon green or you just give yourself some extra highlights, even the slightest change can boost one’s confidence and spark a refreshing look. 

Despite the possible complications, every mistake is temporary. The decision to dye one’s hair can be life-changing, especially if you end up stumbling upon your new look.