No one ever thought they’d hear students say, “I just want to go back to school.” But that was a common utterance after weeks of remote learning.

When the closing of schools nationwide led to classes being held online, many students naturally formed their opinions about which method of learning they preferred. 

 Many students wish they had taken advantage of all school life had to offer when schools were open. 

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Rebecca Candeloro, junior, said, “Being there with friends and having social interaction between you and your teacher is something really valuable and important. I wish we were able to have it for the remainder of the year.” 

This resonates even more with students who would be graduating this year and expected to spend their last few weeks reminiscing and enjoying the school they would soon be leaving. 

Going to school has become part of students' routines; not going to the actual building feels strange and confusing. The aspect of at home learning makes the impact school has on students become apparent. Focusing tends to be easier in a real classroom, and meeting and having conversations with teachers when one needs assistance is far more helpful in person. This also has an impact on the social aspect of school. 

Students are no longer sitting with friends at lunch, in class, or going out with them for open campus. The parts that have made school more enjoyable for some have been taken away. 

Michelle Hom, a senior, said, “I miss seeing my friends during lunch and getting to chat with teachers in the hallway. During Zoom calls, everyone leaves their camera off now. It is just not the same.” 

Although many prefer attending school, there are some who have found home education to be a positive thing. 

Amelia Leahy, a freshman, shared that she enjoys the schedule of remote learning more. “I think that there is a better balance between school and life. I have more time now to spend with family and do what I love. It’s been a great adjustment,” Leahy said. 

Students have enjoyed the ability to sleep in, and while it will be nice to return to the building when schools do reopen, the extra few minutes of shut eye will certainly be missed.

Despite some of the perks of finishing school online, the majority of students still prefer attending school in person. It gives everyone a sense of normalcy, that they didn’t know could be taken away. 

Being able to interact with others and being in a more focused environment is much more significant than anyone expected. Zoom calls and online learning, although necessary for this predicament, are just not the same as the school routine that students are used to and rely on for social interaction.