The audience of Joker thought they knew the villain from Batman movies. However, if that’s who they were expecting to see, they would have been pretty surprised. The movie Joker tells the story of how the Joker became the antagonist of the Batman franchise. The movie depicts the effects of mental illness and how one’s childhood can impact them greatly. 

The Joker explains the villain’s struggles with trauma and how he came to be. The film is most like a biography of the title character’s life. There is always a story behind a villain, and this movie gives a heartbreaking look at his backstory. Freshman Rocco Ditizio said, “I anticipated [Joker] to be pretty gruesome and scary, but it was less violent and more psychological.” 

Although the Joker is undoubtedly a villain, the movie attempts to humanize him. Sophomore Tiago Monteiro said, “The most intriguing part of the movie has to be when the Joker faces the riots, he nods his head and smiles, completely unphased.” Once viewers saw the movie they had a newfound respect for the Joker. 

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The movie brought the character to life in a live motion. Of course, his iconic features, including the green hair, purple clothes, and red lips, remained the same. But the comic book qualities are gone. Junior Ariana Romero said, “I expected more of a comic book kind of story considering the Joker is known as one of the most famous and evil comic villains. But the fact that the graphics looked realistic made the movie more interesting.” The movie’s realistic aspects are what makes it scary, but the obstacles the Joker faced create a sense of sadness. 

The twists and turns of the movie have drawn people in, especially those who are fans of psychological thrillers. Junior Stacy Gedal said, “The movie went so much further into depth about the Joker’s life than I would have expected and creates almost two versions of the Joker, a before trauma and post-trauma versions of him.” 

A horror movie is typically described as gruesome or violent, and the Joker has all of those characteristics, in addition to the psychological side of horror. The movie shows the struggles the Joker faced in his life which created a sense of sympathy for him, making it unlike other depictions of villains in film.