BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Each Friday during lunch during the month of January, the famous Class Clash occurs. Each grade has one student representative who competes against each other in tasks to gain points and raise money for class activities, such as the Senior Prom. 

Matt Ciseneros, senior Vice President of the Executive Board of Student Council, said, “The purpose of class clash is to show who is the best grade through fun games in attempt to make lunch more entertaining. Everyday lunch is the same deal with everybody just eating and talking to friends. I like how on Fridays of January the cafeteria has a different vibe.”

The first challenge was “wall tape.” A representative from each grade got taped to the wall with duct tape by his/her classmates, and the last representative left stuck to the wall earned points for his/her grade. There is a strategy to making sure the contestant remain up on the wall. This task ended with a win by junior Gianna Queli. 

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In the week two competition, students competed in a game of Super Smash Bros. Junior Gio Staricco was neck and neck with senior Alex Beke, ending in a victory from Beke for the senior class. The video game challenges were the most popular with the students spectators during lunch. 

 “My favorite challenge out of all the events was definitely Super Smash Bros. It gives the opportunity for different students to show off their abilities, and students tend to get really intense about it,” Ciseneros said.

Week three was the “chubby bunny” challenge. The student representatives put one marshmallow in their mouth at a time, and after each marshmallow, the student had to repeat the phrase, “chubby bunny.” The students who can fit the most marshmallows in his/her mouth while being able to repeat the phrase was deemed the winner of the challenge. Senior Lucas Piccininni won this challenge, gaining another win for the senior class. 

The challenge for the fourth week was Mario Kart. Students competed against each other in the popular video game. Sophomore Kristen McConekey dominated throughout the game and ended in first place. Following in second place was junior James Carbone. 

Junior Class President Matt Chin shared his view on class clash. “My favorite challenge is Mario Kart, and I do feel like students enjoy the competitions. Class Clash is meant to bring all four classes together to compete against one another and create something that students can look forward to during lunch,” Chin said. 

The month-long challenge of the battle of the classes ended with a win for the senior class. But the underclassmen wins certainly gave them a run for their money.