Students have many ways to express their personalities. With today’s resources, students are free to represent their identities through their clothes, hairstyles, and music tastes. However, none of these takes as much creativity as experimenting with makeup does. With no extreme rules to follow, those who take pride in their artistic abilities are encouraged to communicate their personalities using makeup. 

Those who create masterpieces on their faces use their skills for self-appreciation. Whether a little glitter raises self esteem or brings together a look, makeup can be just as important to some as fashion to others. Junior Melanie Zayas is a GL student who takes pride in her makeup skills. Zayas stated that she enjoys using fun colors on her eyes to enhance them. “My favorite part is putting on lashes because they make my eyes pop and completely transform my look.” The art of putting on makeup is more than just smearing colors on one’s face. Those who have the motivation to transform themselves every day do it for more complex reasons, like to raise self confidence. Zayas said, “I love wearing makeup. It makes me feel more put together when I’m in school. If I’m wearing it I don’t feel like myself.” Those who are able to use a few products to paint beautiful pictures on their person should be as respected as other artists who make their work on canvases. 

Junior Ariana Romero is also known at Governor Livingston for her creative makeup looks this school year. Already a successful artist with a unique drawing style, Romero enjoys all things color. Along with Zayas, she said, “I like doing makeup every day because it really channels my creativity as an artist.” She also noted that the bright colors that she loves using make her feel happy throughout the day. 

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Other GL students enjoy staying minimalistic with their makeup during the day. Sophomore Tara Lake stated, “All I really do for school is mascara. I don’t like coming to school with a full face (of makeup).” Even though she does not flaunt her skills at school, Lake takes pride in her skills and loves having fun with her looks when at home. She loves doing nude and brown eyeshadow with some black eyeliner across her top lash line. Even though Lake takes a more natural approach, she still uses makeup as a way to represent her artistic skills. 

Those who devote their time to making beautiful creations should be admired for their hard work and creativity. The usage of makeup in our everyday community, even though rare, should be respected. The expression of creativity through different forms provides for diversity and inspires students at Governor Livingston.