Given only hand-me downs. The butt of every joke. The scapegoat when someone broke the lamp. This is the life of a younger sibling. 

But despite this treatment, the babies of the family tend to spend their years growing up watching their siblings and admiring what they do. This often results in younger siblings following in their older siblings footsteps by getting involved in the same activities. Older siblings may see this as copying, when in actuality, younger siblings just want to relate to them and follow on the path they set.  

Many sets of siblings in Governor Livingston have gotten involved in the same activities, whether it be clubs, sports, or other activities like the play. The people in many of these organizations become like a family, so it seems fitting to be playing or acting alongside one's actual family.

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The camaraderie of a team can be impacted by the presence of players who are family. It can become a family effort where you support and push one another in the activities you share. 

Christopher Micca, junior, and Alex Micca, freshman, play basketball together. Alex Micca said, “Chris and I have a really good relationship and we have fun playing on the court together. We don’t get competitive against each other in a bad way. We work together to motivate each other to get better.”

Freshmen triplets, Griffin, Landry, and Waverly Lorne all play soccer. Landry Lorne and Waverly Lorne play together on the girls’ team. Waverly Lorne said, “It is easier to play because we have the same thought process so we know what the other is about to do. Playing the same sport has made us closer and we are able to relate to each other more.” 

Getting involved in the same activity helps siblings rely on each other in different ways to reach a common goal. 

Senior Danielle Yablonovskiy, stage manager for the Hilltop Players, has recruited her brother Sasha Yablonovskiy as a cast member. She said, “I didn’t expect him to want to do it and thought if he did it would only have been because of me. The best part was watching him learn about and appreciate theater and be a part of the community. It was beautiful to experience my last year in GL theatre alongside him.”

Although siblings may disagree and fight often, it’s not for a lack of love. Despite all of the jokes and pranks, younger siblings will always see their older sisters or brothers as role models. 

On the other hand, while older siblings may act tough, they will always be there to protect their younger sister or brother. It’s important to have someone to share these experiences and special moments. Following in their older siblings' footsteps allows these students to connect in new ways.