Being a student in high school can be overwhelming sometimes. Between balancing homework, extra curriculars, sports, and a social life, school doesn’t always come as a top priority. However, students often naturally feel the need to maintain a good academic appearance and reputation, and according to Governor Livingston’s teachers, the ideal student does exist.

A French teacher, English teacher, and a science teacher at GL described their ideal students, and their answers are simpler than one might think. French teacher Mr. David Peck described his ideal student as, “Somebody who’s actually interested in learning the subject. Somebody who does not cheat. Cheating is against their moral compass.” English 2 Honors teacher Mr. Kyle Kiernan differed slightly in his answer, but stayed within the same mindset as Mr. Peck, stating “[The ideal student is] a student who doesn’t have to be the smartest kid in class, but is the most willing to learn and earn their grade.” Finally, similar to previous responses, biology teacher Mr. Gregory Dunkerton shared what his ideal student would be like, describing them as someone who, “always comes in happy, willing to learn, and who will put in the effort.” Despite their different subjects, teachers all share the same hopes and expectations for their students.

As students not just in high school, but in life, it isn’t always easy to please everyone. Kids are constantly making mistakes, growing from them, and learning new things each day. They are helped and guided by the older, wiser people in their lives, who are often teachers. Teachers are the ones who have gained experience and been taught, giving them the ability to teach students in turn.