Baseball has been in the news recently and not for the right reasons. The Houston Astros have been accused of stealing signs from other teams during the 2017 season. According to the accusation, Houston Astros employees would place a camera in centerfield to record the opponents’ signs and then relay the stolen sign to someone in the dugout. In one instance during the 2017 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, an employee is accused of using a trash can to hit out the code for the sign to another employee. The Astros won the World Series in seven games, but the outcome could have been very different without the advantage.

The Astros were given a punishment from Major League Baseball, including a $5 million fine and the loss of their first and second round draft picks in 2020 and 2021. The MLB also suspended the Astros general manager, Jeff Luhnow, and manager, A.J. Hinch. The Astros have since made the decision to let go both managers from the franchise.

This latest scandal in MLB has fans questioning how the lack of integrity in the Astros franchise could have affected the outcomes of other games. Senior Bryce Ervin is not a big fan of the Astros because his favorite team the Yankees were defeated by Houston in the 2017 ALDS. “If they didn’t cheat, the World Series would’ve been the Yankees versus the Dodgers and we could’ve seen a fun matchup,” Ervin said. 

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In the 2019 ALDS, Astros shortstop Jose Altuve hit a walkoff home run that sent the Astros to the World Series. While jogging around the bases, Altuve told his teammates not to rip his jersey in their excitement. He told reporters that his wife did not want his jersey ripped, causing speculation that Altuve was being evasive about the real reason he wanted to keep his shirt intact. There was a rumor that a couple of players, including Altuve, used buzzers to alert them to the pitch being thrown at them. 

The walkoff home run by Altuve and his reaction was suspicious to many. However, Altuve and other players denied the allegations. Ervin had choice words regarding these allegations as well: “He obviously had a buzzer under the jersey which was even more obvious when he ran to the clubhouse and changed right after.”

A couple of other teams were rumored to use the same cheating method and were questioned as well. The Boston Red Sox former manager, Alex Cora, was part of the 2017 Astros during the cheating scandal., and was fired after the allegations came out. 

Red Sox fan senior Nicholas Manna was not pleased about the firing of Alex Cora. Manna said, “Alex Cora should be reinstated because the Red Sox did nothing like what the Astros did.”

The New York Mets former manager, Carlos Beltran, was also removed from his managing duties, after he was found to be involved in the cheating process. 

Mets fan senior Chris Machin was, however, pleased about the decision to fire Carlos Beltran. Machin said, “Beltran shouldn't have been manager in the first place. We should have hired former Yankees manager Joe Girardi.”

This cheating scandal will live on as one of the biggest scandals in sports history. This coming season the Astros will become one of the most hated teams in baseball. The Astros have repeatedly asked to move on from the scandal and get back to baseball. However, most players have lost respect for most of the players involved in the Astros scandal. Lots of questions will be answered when the season starts in April.