Christmas is a holiday that gets advertised months before the actual day of the celebration. Some stores will have artificial trees and Christmas decor out on the shelves in October, however there are a few who wait until December first hits to partake in the festivities themselves. 

The minute Halloween ends, there are certainly some who immediately toss out their meticulously decorated pumpkins just to resume their Christmas playlists and decorate their yards with lights. On the opposing side of the matter, many prefer to prepare for Christmas after Thanksgiving has passed. 

So, does Christmas season begin on November 1st or December 1st? 

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Sophomore Riya Patel felt confident in the fact that November kicks off the Christmas season. “The moment Halloween ends is the moment Christmas begins. Decorations should go up in November to get into the Christmas spirit for December,” she claimed. 

If nothing else, early holiday season preparations make the Christmas season last as long as possible. On the other hand, people find an early start to the season to be nonsensical. 

Though many may argue that Christmas is the first big holiday after Halloween, others feel that Thanksgiving needs more acknowledgment. 

Freshman Daniel Whalen said, “Christmas should not even be brought up before December 1, strictly because of Thanksgiving. November should be dedicated to Thanksgiving! October is for Halloween and December is for Christmas. Besides, you need to go black Friday shopping before Christmas, too.” 

If Christmas is celebrated too early, people forget to appreciate the beauty of fall. But not all people see the starting date of the Christmas season as black and white. 

Junior Rebecca Candeloro is not completely convinced that either answer was suitable. “Christmas season does not start on November 1st, but does start before December 1st. The second Thanksgiving ends it is time to play Christmas music and start decorating. You can’t rush the holidays,” she explained. 

It is important to live in the moment and give each holiday the same amount of appreciation. But there is no perfect answer. 

Christmas starts at different times depending on individual traditions. Some people are ready and anticipating the holiday all year round, while others would rather not see flashing Christmas lights in any month other than December. 

For those that are torn, Christmas shenanigans can begin as soon it feels right. Let Thanksgiving have its moment, or possibly try to lengthen the Christmas season just a little bit. 

But whenever you are feeling the Christmas spirit, feel free to press play on Michael Buble’s Christmas Album and enjoy the time having fun with friends and family.