STANHOPE BOROUGH, N.J - Had a passerby been wandering on Main Street in Stanhope at 11 a.m. yesterday morning they would have been met with frighteningly cute sight as it was the town's annual Halloween Parade. Upon arrival, participants, children ages newborn to third grade and their parents, were greeted by the theme to "Ghostbusters," and strutted their stuff down Main Street to the Stanhope Fire Department to Michael Jackson’s, "Thriller."

“This is cute,” said Anna Klaver, whose daughter was dancing down the street to the classic song. “It’s very nice that the town does this for the kids. She’s loving it!”

With approximately 40 children dressed up, there was no shortage of fun, interesting costumes. There were the classics of witches, butterflies, ninjas, Disney Princesses and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as everyone’s favorite superheroes including Batman and Robin, Supergirl and Batgirl, and the Incredible Hulk. Among the more creative costumes was a rocket ship with an astronaut, a few champion boxers, and a classic ghost made out of a sheet with holes cut in it for eyes. There was even a family pooch dressed up as a Geisha complete, with a kimono and wig.

“I think this is the only Halloween we’re going to get, so we’re going to enjoy,” said Karen Horowitz of Hopatcong, whose three grandchildren were marching in the parade.

She was referring to the impending storm Hurricane Sandy that may impact the local area, and possibly ruin community’s annual trick or treating.

Once the parade reached the Stanhope Fire Department, each age group was asked to show off their costumes to a panel of judges for a costume contest. Each age group had four winners in four different categories: Scary, Most Original, Cutest/ Most Handsome and Funny. The winners received special prize packages that included bubbles, coloring books, sidewalk chalk and other toys. No participant was left empty handed though, as every child received a Halloween goody bag filled with candy.

When the judging was complete, the winners were announced and all of the memorable photographs were taken the children and their parents and grandparents got to take a break and have some Halloween cookies and Apple Cider while spooky classic songs played in the background.

“It’s a great thing for the kids and the committee has done a fantastic job putting it all together,” said Patti Zdichocki, Vice Chairwoman of the Stanhope Recreation Department, who sponsored and created the event. “It’s funny because a lot of the parents really enjoy it as well.”

The winners of the costume contest are as follows:

Newborn and 2 year old Division:
Scary- Tyler Smith-Christie as a Championship Boxer
Most Original- William Beattie as a Caterpillar
Cutest/ Most Handsome- Kaigen Fassinger as a Butterfly
Funny- Hannah Scharfstein as a Butterfly

3 and 4 year old Division:
Scary- Jakob Laurie as the Incredible Hulk
Most Original- Aaron Scharfstein as a Rocket Ship
Cutest/ Most Handsome- Jaxen Laurie as a Dog
Funny: Molly Zimmerman as Finding Nemo

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Division:
Scary- Jhett Laurie as a Ninja
Most Original- Johnny Fahey as a Ghost
Cutest/ Most Handsome- Ella Smith-Christie as Princess Jasmine
Funny- Maggie Hallowich as a Spider Queen

2nd and 3rd Grade Division:
Scary- Lukas Kraulis as the Dark Lord
Most Original- Maya Harris as the Female Version of Edward Scissorhands
Cutest/ Most Handsome- Tiana Griffin as the Spider Queen
Funny- Ryan Fahey as a Hobo