MIDDLESEX COUNTY, NJ - Residents with the proper eye protection got a glimpse of a solar eclipse Monday afternoon when the moon blocked out about 80 percent of the sun.

From about 1 p.m. to just after 3 p.m., residents could see the partial eclipse with the aid of eye protection, or when clouds passed by.

For the first time in about 100 years, the eclipse crawled across the United States, resulting in a total blockage of the sun in certain areas.

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A 70-mile swath of the nation, starting in Oregon and moving east to South Carolina, were able to witness a total eclipse of the sun, bringing darkness to the afternoon for about two minutes before returning to sunlight.

The photos above were taken in the Kendall Park section of South Brunswick with a Canon SLR camera and the help of a welder's mask filter to block out the harmful sun's rays.

A couple of the shots were taken later as clouds passed by allowing the phenomenon to be seen, albeit briefly, with the naked eye.

The next eclipse visible on the east coast is projected for 2024, and another one across the country in 2045, according to NASA.