This is a comedy show fundraiser presented by WallynZavy's  Autistic KIds Can Do!  Inc. to promote Autism Awareness.  This is a 5013c non-profit organization that supportts famiies that have children affected by Autism or have Special Needs through advocacy, social play dates, resources, seminars, workshops, community support and family counseling.  Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that usually appears before the age of 3.  It is also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD.  It is characterized by repetitive behavior and difficulty in the ability to socialize and communicate. Autism is still on the rise according to the CDC (Center for Disease and Control).  The stats for NJ are now 1 in 34 and affects mostly boys and in the entire US, the stats are now 1 in 59 and rising.  It is imperative parents understand the diagnosis and what the symptoms are and how to get help and resouces for their child and family.

Please consider donating to their cause on their website:  WallynZavy's org. if you can't attend the event. They are raising money to be able to provide more STEAM programs and programs like music therapy.  They need your support.  Tickets can be purchased on their website and also on Eventbrite and Eventgroove under "Blast of Laughter for a Cause:  Autism Awareness.  Visit their website and social media pages.  Twitter is SWallynzavy, Facebook is the name of the organization and Instagram is WallynZavys.  There weil be vendors, resources, speakers a buffet and it is BYOB.  So come out and get your laugh one and learn more about Autism which is making an impact on our communities.