NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Every single pint donated to a blood bank has the potential to save three lives, according to a coalition of health agencies and hospitals hoping to bolster the state’s dwindling blood supply.

The New Jersey Workplace Blood Donor Coalition is conducting blood drives in the city over the next five days as part of its Save3Lives, All In A Day’s Work campaign, while calling for area agencies and corporations to encourage their workers to donate.

According to the group, the growing ethnic and racial diversity of the population creates new demand. Some residents battle rare genetic disorders that require routine transfusions, it noted.

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Of the state’s total population, only 3.6 percent residents donate regularly. The group, led by Novartis Pharmaceuticals and including the state Department of Health and Human Services, Rutgers University, the state Chamber of Commerce, the New Jersey League of Municipalities and MetLife, is targeting an increase to 5 percent.

Blood donations are being accepted Friday, Jan. 14, until 2 p.m., at New Jersey Blood Services, 167 New St.; and through 5 p.m. at New Brunswick Affiliated Hospitals, 125 Paterson St., both in New Brunswick.

Additional blood drives are scheduled in the city through Jan. 18. For further information, or to register to donate blood, click on the Save3Lives website.

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