Old Bridge, NJ- Middlesex County Freeholder Candidate Rich Castaldo released the following statement calling out Freeholder Shanti Narra over her hypocrisy on women’s issues.  Freeholder Narra was one of 88 women “leaders” who released a statement calling out Bob Hugin over decades old allegations yet has stayed silent as much more recent and devastating accusations and activities about Senator Menendez, who was severely admonished by a bi-partisan Senate Ethics committee.

“Shanti Narra’s hypocrisy over Bob Menendez is astounding.  Shanti pretends to be an advocate for women and women’s issues, yet won’t stand up to a disgraced Senator who was indicted by Barack Obama’s Justice Department on federal corruption charges. Listen, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what was going on when two fat old rich men are hanging with beautiful young women in the Dominican Republic at a private closed door villa.

How can Shanti Narra stand by a man who used his power to get his criminal best friend’s porn star girlfriend a VISA by pulling strings?

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One thing is clear, she is NO advocate for women or Middlesex County residents. 

As the son of single Mom, with three sisters I don’t need a theory on equal pay for equal work, I have lived through it.  If elected, I will make women’s issues a priority during my tenure on the Freeholder Board, as I have done so during my campaign.  And, I won’t let partisan loyalties blind me.  You can bet, that if a member of my party did even a fraction of what Bob Menendez did, I would do the right thing and call on them to resign.”

In all levels of government Shanti Narra’s actions are against women.  On the national level she was in favor of releasing sexual predators by not supporting ICE, on the state level she refused to call out Bob Menendez for his disgraceful actions, and on a county level she ignored the almost $50,000 pay disparity between a female employee and her male counterparts performing the same job. When elected, I vow to make women’s issues front and center in the Freeholder board and end this reign of hypocrisy and failure.


Rich Castaldo is an app developer and candidate for Middlesex County Freeholder.

Questions and comments may be directed to Campaign Spokesman Zach Myshkoff at zmyshkoff1@gmail.com.