NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Rutgers officials are looking into whether any of the apparently college-aged students shown in a viral video using the n-word are from the New Brunswick campus or from another Rutgers campus or other New Jersey college.

Nancy Cantor, Chancellor of Rutgers University–Newark, issued a statement on the college's Facebook page late Thursday afternoon - just days after the video began circulating on social media. In it, Cantor said that the school has begun an investigation into potential violations of the university's Code of Student Conduct.

The video is only about 10 seconds long, but it has stirred emotions across social media since appearing earlier this week.

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In the video, eight people say the n-word. One male sings the word. There is some laughing after some of the students say the n-word. They all appear to be in the same room.

The video was taken from Instagram and has subsequently been published on other social media platforms.

The video opens with a list of Twitter handles and what appears to be the various users' university affiliation. They include Rutgers, Rowan University, Monmouth University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

It was enough for Rutgers and other schools to take the matter seriously.

"This afternoon, it was brought to our attention that there is a video circulating on social media in which a racial slur is very deliberately used by several college-age men and women, some of whom allegedly are students from our university," Cantor said. "Immediately upon receiving this information, the Rutgers University – Newark Division of Student Affairs launched an investigation into potential violations of the university’s Code of Student Conduct."

Cantor said that members of the Rutgers community "absolutely do not tolerate hate speech or hateful behavior in any form among our community members. They are the very antithesis of our shared identity and our shared values and we will employ our university’s policies to address any violations we find in this instance."