NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – A chilling video shows four men emerging from a car with guns drawn and unleashing a hail of bullets that left two dead and six injured early Sunday morning.

In the video provided to TAPinto New Brunswick, the shooters can be seen emerging from the four-door sedan with hoods pulled down in front of their faces. They open fire in the direction of 32 Delafield Street, where apparently dozens of people had been attending a party.

Two of the shooters run closer to the home before getting back into the car.

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The shooting - captured in a video from a neighboring house’s security system – lasts about 11 seconds.

Two males were pronounced dead from their bullet wounds at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Six more were listed in serious condition.

Jacob Bleaker said there were some fights out on the street shortly before the shooting.

He ran out of his nearby home once the shooting subsided and found pools of blood on the street.

“They cleaned up the mess already, but there was this one young gentleman shot in the face and the chest and the stomach,” Bleaker told TAPinto New Brunswick. “He wasn’t moving and he was just bleeding out of his mouth profusely. I just remember flipping him over onto his stomach so he wouldn’t drown in his own blood and check for a pulse and just help him out as much I can.

“I ran up to him and I was like, ‘Fuck!’ Just his face – I couldn’t even recognize him. It was mangled.”

The shooting occurred at about 1:19 a.m., and police showed up within minutes, Bleaker said. An ambulance had trouble getting to the scene because dozens of people had filed out of the house at 32 Delafield and were amassing in the street.

Bleaker said chaos ensued as some people began yelling at New Brunswick Police Department officers and the EMTs.

Bleaker said he also helped EMTs who were treating another shooting victim.

“He was like, ‘I need your help. I need you to keep this kid lucid. I need you to keep talking,’” he said. “I just got down and I said, ‘Yo, man, I’m Jake. I don’t know what to do, so just talk to me, man. Everything’s going to be fine.’”

The shooting victim asked Bleaker to get his Air Jordans out of the car and put them on his feet.

Things were a lot quieter on Delafield Street on Sunday afternoon. Police tape surrounded the house and the door was open.

Bleaker said a car that was parked in front of 32 Delafield was riddled with bullets in the shooting, and police towed it away early this morning.

Surgical gloves still littered the street from where shooting victims had been treated.  

“We didn’t sleep much last night,” said David Goldberg, a Rutgers student who lives next door. “We had to answer a lot of questions (from the police), so no, we didn’t sleep much. It was really scary. We were shaken up.”