NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - The New Brunswick City Market is looking to honor the folks who’ve helped make the Hub City a better place, featuring their photos in the 2018 New Brunswick Calendar.

The theme this year is “Faces of New Brunswick." Photo submissions should be of “someone you want to honor and recognize,” according to City Market, “as they have contributed to the richness that makes New Brunswick a great place to live and work.”

Submissions “could be photos of someone attending Hub City Sounds, doing volunteer initiatives, planting a garden or tree, mentoring a student or reading to someone at the library,” said Pam Stefanek, the city market’s executive director.

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This is the fifth year that the city’s been doing it’s yearly calendar, Stefanek said. Last year, the theme was “Then and Now,” and featured different areas of the city as they were depicted in the past and present.

The year prior, the calendar focused on notable buildings across the Hub City, and the year before that, the calendar had a seasonal theme.

“We had a lot of seasonal photos of the fall, a lot of holiday, winter, Independence Day, Memorial Day,” Stefanek said.

The calendar had no particular theme for the first year, so submissions ranged from photos of artwork, buildings and seasonal
images, Stefanek said.

Photos that are submitted must have the capability to be submitted in high definition format at 300 DPI or higher, according to the guidelines, so that they can be included in calendar.

Accepted photos will also be used with the city’s marketing material, including the visitor guide, print ads, Cable TV airing and social media promotions.

Any photos with someone under 21 need to have a release form signed by the parents, said Stefanek.

Out of all the submissions, 12 will be accepted to be featured in the calendar, Stefanek said, with one photo for each month. A 13th submission, the most notable, will be featured on the front of the calendar, Stefanek said.

So far, three artists have submitted around five images each, though the city market is looking for more submissions that there will be a larger pool from which to choose.

Anyone can submit a photo by emailing with “NB 2018 Calendar” in the subject line or uploading them to City Market’s Google Docs.

The deadline for submission is October 30, after which artists will be notified and then required to submit a release so that the photo can be used in the calendar and as part of all the city’s promotional activities.