EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Mayor Cohen will inaugurate a new series of community events called "Conversation and Coffee" -- with the inaugural event, a discussion on "Biases and Stereotypes in our Town," scheduled for July 24 at 7pm at the Community Arts Center, Cranbury Road, East Brunswick.

This series is facilitated and hosted by the East Brunswick Human Relations Council. 

The East Brunswick Human Relations Council was established to promote communications, respect, and understanding among the diverse members of our community. The Council is initiating a series of events called “Conversation and Coffee,” to provide an opportunity for our residents and neighbors to engage with each other on important topics facing East Brunswick.

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The inaugural topic "Bias and Stereotypes in our Town," will be hosted by Mayor Brad Cohen and facilitated by Dr. Louis Prisock, Rutgers Professor of American and Africana Studies.

Louis Prisock, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Africana Studies, received his B.S. in Business Administration from Drexel University and his M.A. and PhD from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Louis has taught courses on the Sociology of Money and Markets, Sociology of Wealth, and Black Communities in Contemporary America. Prisock is the author of “If Love Children, Say So: The African American Anti-Abortion Movement,” which appeared in The Public Eye, and has written reviews for the journal Contemporary Sociology.

His primary area of research is political sociology with an emphasis on African-American participation in conservative social, political, and intellectual movements. The professor's current research project examines the African American religious right as a social movement.

“What we need is true interaction among people so that meaningful dialogue can be established. A problem in our society is the lack of interaction, which perpetuates ignorance and instigates bias," Prisock said in an interview in 2015.

"Dr. Prisock will be joined by a panel that will engage in a lively discussion to help us deepen our understanding of what drives bias and stereotypes, and thereby identify strategies for combating the negative consequences of such beliefs. By working together, we strive to make our community a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. With some coffee, light refreshments, and the promise of great conversation, the Council hopes to see the community come out and share their ideas," says Paula Quinton, of the East Brunswick HRC.