Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ) Launches Self-Funded Employee Benefit Pharmacy Program to Members

ESCNJ/SynchronyRx program is a pharmacy benefit program managed by seasoned PBM consultants. This PBM platform utilizes the leveraged buying power of the ESCNJ membership and multiple employers. The offering includes aggressive pricing, stringent performance guarantees and multiple options and alignment that far exceed programs available independently to employers and their members. The program has evolved to include non-member self-funded employers due to broker and consultant demand to place other clients on this highly managed program. The program provides a competitively priced product with high touch service levels and proven results.

ESCNJ brokers recently performed a two-year annual review of their ESCNJ client’s SynchronyRx program. The findings indicate that the ESCNJ group saved well over $1,000,000 with a substantially reduced per member per month cost decrease. The most impressive discovery was the service levels and that overall savings was in the double digits from their previous PBM program. The Rx program uses optimized strategies to drive performance and savings. ESCNJ/SynchronyRx welcomes any size self-funded employer group.

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SynchronyRx team applauds Patrick Moran, ESCNJ Business Administrator/Board Secretary on his aggressive stance, determination and for his dedication to the membership by launching the Rx offering making it available to over 1000 members capitalizing on their collective purchasing strength.  Patrick Moran, states “Our members appreciate that ESCNJ has been able to leverage their purchasing arrangements to reduce costs without compromising service or passing along additional charges to their valued employees.”


For questions and answers regarding access to the program or to receive an ESCNJ complimentary savings analysis; contact


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SynchronyRx is a contemporary full-service pharmacy benefit program managed by highly seasoned pharmacy benefit consultants and has saved employers on the Rx costs 100% of the time. Our vested interest is the payors and our mission is to align the PBM's business objectives with the payors benefit goals. Validated audits and reporting is included for employers to validate the accuracy and the PBM accountability. The opportunity to save, reduce the Rx costs through creative contractual structuring while not having huge disruption, has been a major appeal.



The Educational Services Commission of New Jersey Cooperative  (ESCNJ) has been in existence since 1990 and has grown to become the largest cooperative pricing system in New Jersey. With over 1,180 members, participants include school districts, colleges, universities, municipalities, county governments, housing authorities, libraries, fire districts and more. Our goal is to save taxpayers money by seeking out great prices for our members.