NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - The city public school distct recently provided internet-accessible Android smartphones to 300 eligible high school students, thanks to a partnership with Sprint’s 1Million Project.

On Monday morning, each of the eligible students received an Android smartphone at no cost to the​ district​. The phones come with 3 GB of high-speed LTA data per month, with unlimited data at 2G speeds after that.

Students were then able to meet with the district’s IT staff to start up the phones and activate them, said city spokesperson Jennifer Bradshaw. The phones do not receive talk or text, while also blocking adult content and malware when on the Sprint network.

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New Brunswick Public School Superintendent Dr. Aubrey Johnson said that it was “essential” for students to be able to incorporate technology into education

“Having online access while at home is a tremendously significant educational step forward for students who previously hadn’t enjoyed this advantage,” Johnson wrote.

Through the project, Sprint is hoping to provide smartphones, tablets and and hotspots with internet access to one million high school students across the country, who don’t have access to the web at home.

The students will keep the phones with them for the duration of their time at NBHS, using them at home and when permitted, during class.

Ultimately, city school district hopes to provide 1,500 phones to high school students over the next five years, said Bradshaw.