NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - The partial federal government shutdown in Washington D.C. has far-ranging implications, even reaching the New Brunswick Housing Authority.

City Councilwoman Rebecca Escobar stated at the city council meeting Thursday that the shutdown may delay paychecks to authority employees.

"Some employees might have to work without getting paid," Escobar said.

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The authority, she said, is working to minimize any impact on residents in city housing.

According to its website, the housing authority has 18 full-time and two part-time employees.

The authority has a $14 million budget, funded with federal money.

The authority operates four affordable and public housing complexes in the City of New Brunswick, and also operates a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program of approximately 868 vouchers.

The NBHA also acts as the city’s designated Redevelopment Authority, and as such, owns and or manages a number of commercial, residential and multi-family properties through its redevelopment activities and with separate redevelopment partners, according to the website.

Escobar said the redevelopment operation is not impacted by the shutdown.

The federal government shutdown began Dec. 21. Both House of Representatives and the Senate passed temporary funding plans to keep the government operating, but President Donald Trump said he would not sign any plan that failed to include $5 billion for construction of a border wall. Democrats in Congress have said they will not allocate those funds.

The shutdown is expected to continue into next year.