NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – Less than 48 hours after the dreaded gas tax went into effect, TapInto New Brunswick was curious: Have local gas prices skyrocketed?

So we piled into the TapInto-mobile for a ride around the Hub City, curious to see how the local gas stations were faring with the 23-cent-a-gallon bump. To prepare, we gathered all the extra coins we could find under the couch cushions and expected to capture some wild quotes from peeved motorists.

As we turned onto Somerset Street, cruising at a gas-friendly 29 mph, we were prepared for anything.

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But, what we found was less than heart-stopping. Still, gas was cheap: even on a TapInto salary. It raised the burning question: Was these months of infighting in Trenton really worth it?

Kudos for the cheapest gas in New Brunswick as of 9:20 p.m. tonight went to Exxon. The service station at George Street and Commercial Avenue was selling a regular gallon for $2.19, hardly an amount to get angry over.

We spotted the Exxon at Somerset Street and How Lane selling for $2.21 a gallon, and then the numbers crept from there.

  • KCS Filling Station at French Street and Cogswell Place - $2.29 a gallon


  • Exxon at Route 1 and 18 - $2.31 a gallon. (Likely for the suckers who forgot to fill up on the way to the New Jersey Turnpike.)


  • BP – French and Bethany streets - $2.49 a gallon

And the winner of tonight’s TapInto Gas Tax Challenge is the Shell at Easton Avenue and Prospect Street, coming in at a whopping $2.51 a gallon. (We surmise the station is taking advantage of clueless Rutgers students who have dad’s credit card.)

We will stick with Exxon, for the moment.