Now that the U.S.. House has passed its healthcare bill, it will be up to the Senate to stop this monstrous and inhumane piece of legislation. Under the House bill, GOP hypocrisy has been exposed. People will have a right to own a gun even if they are mentally disabled or on a terrorist watch list, but they won’t have a right to health care. The wealthy will get a tax break, but millions of people will lose health coverage. Women will be denied reproductive and pre-natal care as funding is stripped from Planned Parenthood.

Whether you are a cowardly GOP Representative who now hopes the Senate will kill the bill you were too timid to vote against or a heartless politician who doesn’t care about the health of others, you are now in the cross hairs of countless groups dedicated to kicking you out in 2018. That means you Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11) and Tom MacArthur (R-3). MacArthur even negotiated the amendment to the bill allowing states to waive coverage for pre-existing conditions and instead create high-risk pools. Republicans tacked on $8 billion to help insurers cover the cost, but that’s a fraction of what’s actually needed. Or is it? We don’t really know, since the GOP rushed this bill through passage without the Congressional Budget Office evaluating its costs.

So now it’s on the the Senate, where both NJ Senators have stood resolute in their opposition to this bill. Let’s support their actions with our own. Write letters to the Senate and to the media. Join marches and rallies across New Jersey and in Washington. And let it be known very loudly and clearly that the Republicans who voted for this bill will soon be voted out and in search of their own healthcare insurance.