UP IN THE AIR - Air travel is nearing the point where there is no way to avoid surcharges - unless you have no luggage, don't eat, don't drink, don't use the bathroom and only take three breaths per minute. When you think air travel can't possibly be more uncomfortable in coach, now United Airlines wants to charge extra for passengers who dare use the overhead bins. Beginning in 2017, United Airlines will now have "Basic Economy," which, in some opinions, is akin to steerage on a 1920s immigrant ship from Glasgow. Hungry? Perhaps a bowl of slop will now run you $16.95. Spoons additional; no charge for slurping.  
UP IN THE AIR - By the time you finally reach the plane, and brace for that overbooked flight with all the great slop, you may already be in a foul mood. That's because the daily parking rates for the close lots at Newark Liberty International Airport will be increasing next month from $33 to $39 a day. But some good news if you plan to stay away from the state for a while: long-term parking will remain a bargain, just $18 per day, at your far-away lot somewhere near Kearny.  
MORRISTOWN - No one knows which hunter killed New Jersey's famous bi-pedal bear, lovingly known as "Pedals," in October. But one hunter says it wasn't him, and now he is suing six social media posters who identified him as the shooter. This hunter is looking for cash for defamation and invasion of privacy, after he was deemed a "bear murderer" on Facebook, stating people would be "gunnin" for him. It got even worse, with a photo of his house posted on Facebook, as well as his place of employment and listing family members in three states. Yup, there is the First Amendment and all. But c'mon.

WAYNE - Another guy itching to get Gov. Chris Christie under oath in the Bridgegate boondoggle now thinks he could be a great governor. Activist Bill Brennan, who's pushing a criminal complaint against Christie for official misconduct, told the Record he's running as an "our revolution" Democrat, hoping to "clean house from the top down." Earlier this week, better-known gubernatorial hopeful, Assemblyman John Wisniewski, renewed his call to force Christie to answer to lawmakers' Bridgegate questions under oath, saying he's absolutely sure it's what most people want. Brennan is the eighth person to say he's interested in running for governor. With an April 3rd filing deadline, you just never know who else may run - making this all quite exciting.  
ON THE ROAD - There's ongoing chatter about that proposed commuter bus terminal in New York, and that can only mean one thing: Money. The Port Authority is talking about the issue at its meeting today, as lawmakers in New York and New Jersey have very different opinions about the plans. The god-awful station now sits at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue; the talk is to move it a block west. New Jersey officials are wondering why the Port Authority is only earmarking an estimated $2 billion for so for a project they think could balloon upwards of $10 billion. If there is any hope to create more access into Manhattan in our lifetimes, somehow everyone needs to play nice - with plenty of cash from Uncle Sam softening the mood.  
CONNELLSVILLE, Pa. - Nothing says home for the holidays like the chance to set up the perfect Christmas display on your front lawn, with your wife and daughter. And then, suddenly, you hear your psycho ex-girlfriend driving by, with holiday music blaring from her car. And then she tries to run you over, yelling "Merry Christmas" out the window, as she tears up your lawn, driving in circles. You and your family dive out of the way, as she smashes through the holiday decorations and lights you just set up. No one was injured in Monday's joyride, but the 47-year-old woman is now facing multiple offenses and perhaps a psychiatric evaluation.
Yankees fans are still shaking their heads in disgust, following the crazy trade on this day in 1966, when superstar Roger Maris is traded to the Cardinals for some guy named Charlie Smith. (The Cardinals then won 101 games and the 1967 World Series.) 
Qui Vive [kee-VEEV] - noun 
Definition: alert  

Example: Stay on the qui vive; this plane has 10 bags of free peanuts