OCEAN CITY - Thoroughly unclear who would want to watch this, but plans are underway for the "Mr. Mature America Pageant," taking place April 8. Pageant organizers somehow landed Regis Philbin - the poster boy for "mature" - to host this thing. Perhaps the competition focuses on such areas as "couch sitting," "wearing plaid" and "groaning." If you plan to attend, we strongly suggest you forgo the swimsuit competition.  

CLIFTON - Residents who live on Ellsworth Street are perfectly fine with the name of their street. Yet, town leaders are determined to rename the road "Dick Street," to connect to the longer, nearby Dick Street, NBC reports. The town says the name change will make it easier for first responders to find homes. But residents say they don't want to live on a street that is synonymous with a male body part and if town leaders don't get that, they don't know dick.  

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PATERSON - Typically, you want to get as many fans as possible to a high school basketball game, right? Well, this is Paterson and things are different. The Paterson Press reports school officials strictly restricted who could attend Tuesday night's big game between Eastside and Kennedy to about 100 people. That's because of allegations that six Eastside players from overseas have been living in the coach's house, which, of course, is a no-no. So, the rivalry was viewed by school staff and parents, with the general public, and media, left outside. Kennedy won the game, 63-60, apparently, although unclear if school officials will be confirming such confidential information.

ATLANTIC CITY - The seven remaining casinos have rolled the dice and haven't yet crapped out. January revenue figures are out, showing gambling revenue up 7.7 percent from a year ago. Collectively, these brave casinos took in $204.6 million from gamblers, with a boost in internet gambling that raked in $18.8 million. The big winners: Caesars, up 41 percent, to $28.2 million; the Borgata, with its best January ever, at $64.3 million; and Resorts: up 120 percent for internet gambling. Could the city be finding itself out of the woods?  

EN ROUTE - The annual "Walk to Washington" dinner, taking place tomorrow night, has been ignored by the governor for years. But Gov. Chris Christie is actually scheduled to appear at the DC event, perhaps, in case, the President wants him to swing by again for lunch. Or perhaps it is just part of Christie's "victory lap" in the final year of his term. Just like he attended the luncheon at the New Jersey League of Municipalities in November, another event he has ignored for years. 

ASBURY PARK - Some moms and their adult daughters join a book club, or maybe even a wine club. Or, in the case of one pair, they go into business as prostitutes and end up busted at some seedy Motel 6 in Kissimmee, FL. The New York Post enjoyed reporting how the 57-year-old mom, who markets herself as a sexy MILF with a hatred for the "taste of Latex," and her 31-year-old daughter, were caught in an undercover sting. Cops easily found the dynamic duo through an advertisement they placed for the family business. Perhaps next time they should consider a cupcake store. 


BRUSSELS - At first, it sounded like a great idea. A Belgian minister trying to encourage people to ride bicycles figured he would pedal on over to the press conference to announce a $320 million plan to build bike lanes. Ben Weyts, the "minister of mobility," did a great job; the media had a story. But when he went back to the rack, where he had locked up his bike 30 minutes earlier, it was stolen. The media then had a much better story.

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day 


How much is a potato chip really worth? Well, if you have enough of them, it's $2.7 billion in cash - the price Kellogg paid on this day in 2012, in a blockbuster deal to get Pringles from Procter & Gamble. A great deal for the only chip that isn't sold with a bunch of air. 


Billet-doux [bill-ee-DOO] - noun 

Definition: a love letter 

Example: We hope you received a lovely billet-doux yesterday.