TRENTON - As America becomes great again, a Democratic assemblyman from Cape May says it's now time that New Jersey get a big dose of patriotism. Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak is calling for a state law that requires any public meeting to open with the Pledge of Allegiance, with an American flag prominently displayed. To recite the pledge is perfectly American. Mandating it, by law, however, seems, well, un-American. 

STATEWIDE - It is now believed there will be more than 14,000 people from New Jersey ready to board buses at 4 a.m. tomorrow to participate in the Women's March, and there are countless others who will be participating in local rallies. While it's doubtful that you'll find many Trump supporters among the throng, it's hopeful the message won't be diluted by complaining about last year's election results. This massive platform should stress the point that women's rights are human rights, and public leaders at all levels must respect that, or face the wrath. 

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WASHINGTON - Perhaps Gov. Chris Christie really wanted to hear the B Street Band last night, and was crushed that it declined to perform at the Garden State Inaugural Gala. That's at least one possible reason why the governor didn't show up, even though he and his wife were the honorary heads of the event at the Washington Court Hotel. The Record notes Christie was in DC last night but, like usual, there was something else that diverted his attention away from New Jersey. Perhaps a shiny penny. 

WASHINGTON - For nerds like us, who find political writing fascinating beyond words, the inaugural speech is really our Super Bowl. Sadly, there will be no beer and wings as we listen, but we will be carefully monitoring how many times the President drops all the key words, like "courage," "liberty," and "loyalty." GoogleNews Labs has a nifty new interactive that shows that speechwriters absolutely love "God," which is the most common theme in the 11 inaugural addresses it studied. Abraham Lincoln had "God" as his top topic, Ronald Reagan had "freedom" and FDR had "money," because no one really had any. As you listen to Trump today with a potful of coffee and aspirin, try this out.

ACROSS THE POND - As the British and Woody Johnson both have no idea about the American game of football, it makes perfect sense that Trump has named Johnson as the Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Hopefully, he will return with some powerful field goal kickers for the Jets offense, which no one ever expects to cross the 50-yard line.  


WASHINGTON - One of the big winners in the Trump inauguration must be the five-star hotel that is less than a mile from the White House, in an 1899 Romanesque Revival building, just a 12-minute walk to the National Mall. We're talking about the Trump International Hotel, which must be doing some huge business this weekend. Trivago reported DC hotel rates are marked up 927 percent, with the cheapest rooms going for $2,000 a night. For some light amusement, we called the Trump International Hotel this morning and asked if we can use points from a crappy Discover credit card to get a suite tonight. After a dead pause, we were put on hold. Still waiting.... 

IN POLITICS - You may not notice by visiting our Statehouse. But Republicans are often more handsome, prettier, better groomed - even sexier - than those wild-eyed liberal Democratic schlubs with their ponytails, off-the-rack suits and orthopedic Birkenstock sandals. That's the indisputable facts presented by the London-based Journal of Public Economics , after surveying 18,000 voters in the U.S., Europe and Australia. Conservative politicians are more "visually appealing" than liberals and voters are likelier to elect political eye-candy. The Journal suggests conservatives (here or anywhere) tend to be better looking because they are richer, have better health care, and can afford stuff like nose-hair trimmers, salon visits and neckties not purchased at garage sales.


It was this day in 1949 that J. Edgar Hoover presented Shirley Temple with a fountain pen full of tear gas. Boy, what a way with kids.


Asseverate [uh-sev-uh-reyt] - verb

Definition: To declare earnestly or solemnly; affirm positively. 

Example: We asseverate to keep an open mind, remain vigilant and pray.