NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — After nearly two weeks on the road, a dog reunited with its family last week, thanks to New Brunswick Animal Control.

Charlie, a 1-year-old Chihuahua, left his family around 3:15 p.m. Friday, May 12, according to City Hall. One of his owners, Lisa Nickas, posted on Facebook that the pup went missing in Lawrence Brook neighborhood of East Brunswick.

Nickas and her family spent the next couple of weeks passing out fliers featuring Charlie’s photo and their contact information and searching for the dog, according to the city. They even placed food outside, under the watchful eye of a camera, hoping that the grub would attract the dog.

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But nothing worked.

That is, until a passerby spotted the dog on May 24 in a wooded area near the junction of Routes 1 and 18, according to the city. That individual then contacted New Brunswick’s animal control team.

Officers “immediately” came to Charlie’s rescue, city officials said. By 3 p.m. that day, he was back in the arms of his family members.

Nickas, writing on social media, praised Leroy Burke, a city animal control officer, as a “hero” for his “diligent” work in finding the Chihuahua.

Earlier this year, New Brunswick’s animal control officers reunited a dog that had been lost for two years with its family members. Bruno, a chocolate Yorkshire terrier who ran away from home, was a gift from the woman’s husband, who had died from leukemia.